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Welcome to the most complete directory of Hostels, Youth Hostels, low-cost Hotels, apartments, Bed and Breakfast and Guest houses in the world. Please select a continent to see all the countries where you can find your perfect youth hostel... To select your hostel, you can also directly choose the country from the list below: - All rights reserved - World Hostels Limited - Level 3, 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH United Kingdom. Hostel booking engine in USA , Australia, England, Scotland and Wales. offers last minute booking of hostel rooms and low-cost housing in cities like Paris, France; London, England; Barcelona, Spain; New York, USA; Rome,Italy; Amsterdam the Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; Madrid, Spain; Prague in the Czech Republic …We also provide last minute information, guides and reviews for your perfect youth hostel. * Hostelworld customer review